Antiquities from Mediaeval Europe

Mediaeval iron arrow heads, dating from the 13th to the 15th century - £18 each
A and E are about 2½ inches long; B, C and F are around 3½ inches long; D is 2¼ inches
A, C and D are in Bookcase, B is now SOLD


Musket/pistol Balls from Scarborough Castle (online or via Bookcase)
(English Civil Wars - 1642-48)
£2 each


A307 - a decorative bronze strap end, 3 inches long, dating from 1325-1400 - £65
found in the Bristol area.

Two 15th century iron spurs from the Holy Roman Empire (modern Germany)
which can be seen/bought in Bookcase, Carlisle - £48 each
(no photo currently available)