Antiquities from the Roman Empire


Roman Iron Arrowheads - 1st to 2nd Century AD
A, B, C, D, E and G are SOLD
and I can be bought online
Price £35 each


Roman Bone Dice - £48 each (with a £1 coin for scale)
These dice can still be used but they are probably not evenly balanced!
(limited stock remaining)

Roman_Rings 1a.JPG

A selection of roman wearable rings.
The letters in green below each ring give the approximate sizes (English & Australian usage).
Size conversion tables are readily available on the internet for other countries.
Photo above - £55 each . . . Photo below - £45 each
Numbers 14 and 16 are low grade silver alloy, the rest are bronze.
Numbers 3, 7, 8, 14 and 16 have an oval profile which means they were designed to be worn above the knuckle - because of their oval profile, sizes quoted for these five rings are very approximate.



Bronze rings were originally gilded - they can be polished and/or re-gilded by a professional jeweller, as the 'before & after' photos above illustrate.

Both of these rings are available, in their gilded state, for £75 each.
The top one is size T (English & Australian usage)
The lower one is size O (English & Australian usage)


We have a selection of small pottery oil lamps (3 to 4 inches long), similar to those illustrated, which can be bought online or in Bookcase, Carlisle.
£45 and £55


We have a selection of roman glass bottles of varying styles at prices from £75 which can be bought online or in Bookcase, Carlisle.